The Bahrain Human Rights Society (BHRS) is a non-governmental civil society established in May 2001 and is registered with the Ministry of Social Development in the Kingdom of Bahrain under registration No. (142/ج/ت.ث). The Society was the first licensed society in the Kingdom of Bahrain specializing in the field of human rights.


The Society seeks to achieve, preserve and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms contained in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Nations charters, foremost of which is the International Covenant on Human Rights and the covenants, charters, declarations and protocols issued by the United Nations and other international organizations concerned with human rights.


BHRS is committed to the principle of non-discrimination based on gender, race, religion, origin, social or economic status, nationality, belief, and political affiliation.  BHRS belief that human rights are universal and indivisible and require broad cooperation among local and international civil society organizations.  BHRA is a member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, The Arab Network for Non-Governmental Organizations for Development (ANND), the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty (WCADP), and the International Federation for Human Rights (FiDH).  BHRS cooperates as well with many national, Gulf, Arab and international organizations concerned with human rights, including the United Nations and its specialized organizations concerned with human rights and human development.



BHRS endeavors to raise awareness of human rights, spread human rights values, principles, culture, and knowledge among citizens and residents, and introduce them to their rights and duties that are recognized nationally and internationally. The Society works with the relevant official institutions, civil society organizations, academics, media figures, artists, and others, and with the public and private sectors to develop legislation and practices to promote and protect human rights and the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence, equality and dignity for all.


Spread awareness of human rights principles and international conventions.

Work by legitimate means to perpetuate respect and promote human rights for all.

Participation at the local, regional and international levels in matters related to our objectives.

Issue bulletins, statements and publications on human rights issues.

Organizing meetings, lectures, conferences & training courses.

Monitor human rights violations and work to resolve them.

Work to stop human rights violations that occur, whatever their source, and cooperate with the relevant official authorities to prevent these violations from occurring.

(2022 – 2024)​

The BHRS Board of Directors are elected by the AGM for a serving period of two year under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development.

Mr. Ahmed K. Hujairi


Dr. Osama T. Albaharna

Deputy Chairperson

Ms. Ameena Sabah

Board Secretary

Ms. Majida Almajid

Director of Finance

Ms. Ruqaya Khamis

Board Member

Ms. Zainab Abdulla

Monitoring & Documentation Director

Ms. Zainab Zuhair

Board Member

A.Jalil Yousef

General Coordinator

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